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Our Story

In 2013 when we learned we would be grandparents, I decided that I wanted to be the cool, hip, grandma with a hand-made quilt (even though I hadn't sewed since 7th grade Home Ec). I searched Pinterest, Etsy, and every web site I could find to select a unique quilt. Why start small? I decided on a life-size, pink and green, turtle shaped rag quilt.

Turtle quilt

After posting the picture on Facebook, friends and family started asking if I could make them a custom quilt.

Pink football quilt

After a few months of making a few quilts, my husband encouraged me to start a small business. 

Pink and gray antler quilt

I was running to the store every time I needed fabric for an order, not a very efficient method of operating a small business. My husband encouraged me to take a leap of faith. Knowing I had a head for business but too scared to take the leap, after many late night talks over a bottle of wine, he finally convinced me into pulling some money from our savings account to buy my first set of fabric bolts directly from a few manufacturers.

 green Hawaiian quilt

Now my growing shop offers over 1,000 bolts of fabric, along with custom quilts.

Unicorn quilts

All of these beautiful kiddos are our family. The faces on my nieces and granddaughter when they received their unicorn quilts makes it all worth it. Gives me all the feels! Is someone chopping onions?

Unicorn quilt

A couple of years ago my husband and I traveled to Iowa to visit my grandma. We spent a day touring the countryside taking pictures of Iowa's famous barn quilts. This is a memory I will forever cherish. 

grandma Marilyn

Each quilt comes with a lot of "bad words" but also with a lot of love. There is nothing quite like a labor of love made special for your family and friends.


Our story would not be complete without our dog, Sport Momo Ermine Luttrull. In many ways this dog saved me, not the other way around. He taught me how to love and be loved, how to slow down and appreciate the little things, how to live in the moment, and how to care for another being. Our shop is named after his favorite toy, a blue sheep. He is the 17 pound, furry, love of my life.

Pomeranian Shih Tzu

Thank you for taking the time to share our journey. We are proud to be a growing, small business. I would call us a family business, but my husband says it is all me, operating a female-owned business!

We strive to provide excellent customer service. Your support is appreciated. 

Jenny, Dave, and Sport

family photo on the boat